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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 5, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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he loves. the discussion continues for now, fox 29 local news at 11:00 starts now. ♪ ♪. dc police released body cam video of a deadly police involved shooting. >> the family of the man claimed he wasn't armed. but the video tells a different story. a department store that's been open in our area for 52 years is about to close its doors. . a website claiming it's most popular day of the year for people to have an affair. your news starts now. ♪ ♪ we begin tonight with a very latest on this developing story, a police chase ended in a crash in the mixing bowl in northern virginia. dc police say started when an officer tried to pull over a car in southeast dc. they say instead the driver backed into a police cruiser and took off. >> police chased
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prince george's county and into northern virginia where the suspect crashed into a jersey wall. officers discover add young girl in the suspect's car. we're told she's a child. driver is in police custody. luckily no one was seriously hurt. also tonight, dc police release body cam video of a deadly police involved shooting christmas day, i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins, for days the family of gerald hall claimed he was not armed when an officer shot him during a domestic dispute call but the video tells a different story. marina marraco has that story. marina. >> reporter: past few days, hall's family and community activities have intercepted muriel bowser several events demanding she release the body cam footage and today ten days after the police involved shooting muriel bowser made public roughly seven minutes. what you're about to see and hear is graphic in nature.
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the incident unraffled in a matter of seconds. police responded to the northeast homes several times christmas morning. the family insisted the man was unarmed even after they watched the footage themselves >> i feel so bad for him. they have to shoot him multiple times in the chest. he had no weapon. he had no weapon at all. >> and what was caught on tape happenedo
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have missed the weapon. these are still images of hall at the front door of the home, they're on the upper left-hand side of your screen, a knife in hand, several 911 calls were made and in them the callers tell dispatchers that hall had a knife in hand and was beating his girlfriend. >> i've seen it many times. i've seen it slowed. i've seen it frame by frame. if you're seeing it quickly. you may not see the same thing that you have seen after reviewing it. many times. and so it is possible and i can see it is possible for somebody who may have viewed it quickly not to have seen the -- to see everything that the officer encountered. >> and tonight outside that northeast dc home, a small memorial has been laid out in honor of hall. our calls have gone unanswered. tony >> thank you very much. in
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police are on the hunt for multiple suspects in connection with a shooting in manassas. it happened about a block away are three schools. fox 5's lauren demarco las the latest. >> reporter: we're standing outside of the manassas mall. the attack happened between the parking lot along this walking path. several schools down the street. one parent received a text message saying that his son had been placed on lock-down. he immediately went on line and pulled up the police scanner traffic. >> we received a call from a spanish speaking male suspect. he says he believes he was shot. he's in the woods near the high school. >> when alfredo heard that a young man had called 911 saying he was shot. he headed to the scene himself. took the photos. >> that's what was kind of jaw dropping when you see a bike and you can see the shoes next to the bike and stuff like that. it's kind of like, man, that was a kid >> prince william's county tell us one young man was
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upper body. a medivac landed at nearby stone what will jackson high school to take him to the hospital. another victim had wounds being hit with some or the of object in his face >> in this area, that doesn't happen. kids shooting at each other here? i've never heard of that as long as i've been in manassas. as a apparent it changes your mind frame. >> reporter: police believe the victims were walking when they were attacked. stone what will jackson high, ellis elementary and an alternative school called new directions were temporarily put on lockdown as they were letting out for the afternoon. >> that's the scenario that i played out in my mind, what if a bus was going by, and shots were being fired, and ends up hitting one of the busses? an innocent child could have gotten hit. >> reporter: after the attack, suspects headed back to the parking lot and sped off in a car possibly a sedan. investigators are still working on a description but say they don't believe this w
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>> one of the victims being in surgery and the other one still being hospitalized. we're trying to ascertain and narrow down that suspect description. we believe there's a possibility that everyone did know one another. >> reporter: the victims are both expected to survive. they have not yet been identified. i asked because of their age whether they could be students at the local schools here. i'm told that police are not yet releasing any of that information. in manassas, lauren demarco fox 5 local news. a woman out hiking in the district made an unusual discovery this afternoon. she found a violin case filled with guns. the discovery was made interior boathouse at fletcher's cove in northwest dc. the hiker called police and when they did a search of the area, investigators say they found another case full of guns with ammunition. let's talk about the weather forecast. i know some of you have heard sue palka say the word snow. >> haven't had to say it too much >> i know. >> lay it on
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>> probably the first time most of us will see a coating, maybe an inch. not a lot. >> an inch >> you know what? it causes problems sometimes. if it's not treated it can turn into ice on roads. that's why we're highlighting it. it may be around at the time of the morning rush hour friday. we could see snow at the noon hour tomorrow as flurries, not anything that would cause problems but let me show you the system, it's not a big organized system. it's what you see streaking out of nebraska across st. louis into illinois, moving quickly on upper level jet stream winds. it will get in here. again, lots of winter weather advisories very posted to you are our west. in these winter weather advisories maybe two to four inches, nothing for our area, most will begin to arrive in western suburbs around 4:00 and start pushing closer to dc by 7:00 tomorrow evening. again, don't, shocked if you see flurries before that.
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the bulk of it between 7:00 p.m. tomorrow and 3:00 a.m. friday. they have a few thunder showers get ahead of it before the morning rush. again we're thinking a dusting to an inch. maybe couple of spots fluff up. we're continuing to watch a system that will be off to southeast u.s. coast on saturday and we're starting to see where winter storm watches are going up in places like alabama for that system. for us it's a small starter snow, sometimes those little ones can have a bill impact on traffic. we'll track it for you. back to you. >> thank you, sue. metro planning a major work project. super bowl weekend. the good news here, free shuttles will run between foggy bottom and eastern market. metro is advising riders to add 42 minutes of travel time. crews will be making track improvements and installing cell phone and radio infrastructure to improve
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tunnels. take a look at this. the lights are back on tonight at the washington monument. last night, it was different story. the monument lights went out around 7:00 last night. officials blame a problem with the automated program that controls the lights. the same thing with my christmas lights on my house. >> yours go off in the middle of the day >> we can't get them to stay on >> the landmark, of course, has been closed to visitors since august because of ongoing problems with its elevators. it isn't expected to reopen until 2019 >> did you call the national park service >> i did not. i knew not to do that >> just checking. police are questioning a group of people following a disturbing viral video showing a man being held hostage president obama appearance on capitol hill, the battle over obamacare and when we could see the first repeal bill. what day of the year are people mostly to cheat? a website claims it has the
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wake up with us on fox 5 news morning. ♪ ♪. absolutely disturbing and vicious beating was shown live on facebook, police in chicago have four people in
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of torturing tying up and kidnapping a white man. you can hear them yelling obscenities. we want to warn you. the video graphic. (video playing) the group repeatedly beat, cut and made the man drink water from a toilet. detectives believe the victim was a classmate of one of the suspects. charges are expected to be filed tomorrow dc is cracking done on criminals who tamper with gps monitoring devices. mobitz signed a bill that close as loop hole. the new law comes days after the man accused of
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yoga instructor did not show up to get his court ordered his gps monitor for another case, anyone who violates this new law could face up to six months in prison. a shed on capitol hill over obama obamacare. president obama made a special trip to the alcohol to try to save his legislation. mike pence met with gop urging the exact opposite. joe waldman is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: president obama who has just over two weeks left in office. making a rare visit to the hill. meeting behind closed doors with house and senate democrats. the move seen by many as a last stitch effort to save his healthcare law considered to be the cornerstone of the president's white house legacy. but it may be a little too late. republicans vowing to repeal and replace the affordable care act once president-elect trump takes office. with a gop led congress
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position of power to do so. >> do we want to make sure as we give relief to people through obamacare we do it in a transition that doesn't pull the rug out. >> reporter: paul ryan and other republican leaders meeting with vice president elect pence in a separate capitol hill meeting urging gop lawmakers to state course when it comes to pulling the plug on obama. fox news learning the vice president elect pence would like to see a repeal beal on president trump desk by february 20th >> obamacare has failed. the promises have all been proven to be false. >> reporter: the high profile appearances coming just one day after the swearing in of the 115th congress. and while it will be the first republican led house and senate and president in a decade. democrats are vowing to hold opposition accountable. >> make america sick again. is that what the republicans want to do? >> president-elect trump tweeting
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obamacare to job creation while naming jay clayton a wall street attorney to head the scc. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. new at 11:00. macy's says it is eliminating more than 10,000 jobs. the moves are estimated to save $550 million annually. the closures were announced last august. one of the stores to close that landmark mall in alexandria. it's been open since 1965. we warned you now you might want to keep an eye on your significant other next monday. glee den sees the most traffic on the second monday after christmas. january 9th. there are a few reasons why some people look for affairs after new year. holiday stress, number two family fights
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disturbingly enough new year resolution >> trying to burn off clears, i guess? >> much better ways to do that >> just being cheek? >> knowing the forecast getting all silly. we'll talk about that and doesn't look like a lot. as we know because we lived through many, doesn't take much >> it's the timing >> it's about the friday morning commute and i would not be shocked if parts of thursday evening commute are affected. seems to be moving faster. so don't let that catch you by surprise. if you can wrap things up early that might be better. if you can delay departure friday, that might help. crews were out there pretreating, you'll see the brine stripes everywhere. better safe than sorry. after hitting these high temperatures today, mid 50's all across the area
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took the sizzle out of our day and brought us back into winter reality with temperatures in the 30's and even few 20's showing up. westminster 28. winchester also in the ws are in the 20's. we're going to see everybody falling into the 20's. bundle up tomorrow, 24 manassas, 25 frederick, 23 gaithersburg, 27 for fredericksberg and it will be breezy. no weather concerns tomorrow morning other than the cold. by noon, cloudy skies and telephone 36. i would not be surprised and our model is hint, at it there could be a renegade band of flurries or light snow that comes in before the main event when will hold off. but as early as 4:00 western suburbs could you start to see some light snow and widespread around our area after 7:00 especially affecting our northern suburbs. the southern suburbs i don't think you're going to get too much. maybe enough to coat the grass. that's about it. obviously very cold
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is going to be sticking because even as it begins it will drop the temperature and a lot of places will be close to freezing north and west for high, dc about 39. i'm going to start the futurecast at noon. you can see this band that could put down a quick and slippery coating here and there, roads are treated. that goes away. and by 6:00, we begin to see a little bit more showing upcoming across the mountains. fills in by 8:00, north and west of dc. by 10:00, 11:00, the bulk still north of dc. we got another system off the coast that will help to enhance this, but that will depart after about 3:00. fingers crossed maybe we get through everything ok on friday. but there could be enough snow especially north and west to cause delays, dusting to inches mainly north of dc. heavier spots north and west one to three
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the mountains where we have our winter weather advisories. you can see we're not seeing much for the southern suburbs and heavier amounts on the order of an inch and a half will be to our north and west. we wrap up with the seven-day forecast. cold into the weekend and you see snow possible here on saturday. so far, it still stays south of our area, southern delmarva. you may see snow out of that may see significant snow out of it. and wednesday of next week we're at 51. shawn and tony, that's your forecast. >> thank you, sue. coming up the free agent wide receiver that's interested in coming to the redskins under one condition. and coming up tomorrow on fox 5, a local realtor weighs in on the impact the obamas and trumps they can have on the market once they move in and the doctor oz show with secrets
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y27mly y16fy college basketball. sovereignty. home loss to xavier and a road loss to mar kety. had a third chance to break through at the duncan donuts. john thompson would get a career game. second half inside the derrickson uses the left hand, game by 26 points and just like that they're up by two. three plus minutes, hoyas rejected but get the rebound. he hits the three, georgetown down by five. then providence next possession. they extend their defense leave the wide open, gets the dunk. of 76-70. 0 and three in big east play >> acc hoops. we're talking virginia. final seconds
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three, 2.4 seconds to go. overtime at 70. in overtime. panthers pulled away, hit three straight trays, third by jamel artist. they lost in 1975 also in overtime. virginia tech ranked 21. top 25 in six years, playing nc, state. corner the three pointer, 9-8 behind the back. dennis smith junior gets the slam. virginia tech dominated. >> the redskins have their
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he told friends if he comes to washington he wants to play with kirk cousins kirk cousins and that is far from a done deal. just when you thought new years eve way a distant memory, meet the coyote mascot had a little fun at mariah cary's and he knows. a former rendition of a motion. the coyote wearing a pink one see apparently had microphone issues. that happens. stormed off. >> not going to go away any time >> i kind of feel bad. she said it's not working, what was she supposed to do? >> is exactly. i don't know. >> i don't know either. >> tough situation. >> when we lip sink it's easy. >> that does it for it, stay tuned, tmz
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